Brighton & Hove Albion hosts Cardiff City in a rescheduled game

Brighton & Hove Albion hosts Cardiff City in a rescheduled game from the 31th round of the English Premier League. Let’s take a look at this fixture at the American Express Stadium in our free soccer bets for today.

This is a very important game in the fight for survival of these two teams. They are next to each other in the standings, although separated by 5 points. At this moment Brighton & Hove are 17th in the league with 33 points, while Cardiff City are 18th with 28 points, positioned in the relegation zone. That’s why this game is so important for both teams – Brighton & Hove could increase their lead in front of Cardiff, while the Welsh team have the opportunity to reduce the gap.

Right now Brighton & Hove Albion are in a run of three consecutive losses in the league. Chris Hughton’s team suffered defeats against Southampton, Chelsea and Bournemouth. Clearly this is not the best moment for them.

In their last game Brighton & Hove got beaten with the crushing 0-5 by the visiting Bournemouth. This game was a pure nightmare for Hughton’s team. If they perform once again like this, they could have problems in the next game.

Meanwhile Cardiff City are also in a run of three consecutive defeats. In their last three games they got beaten by Chelsea, Manchester City and Burnley. Being 5 points behind Brighton & Hove Albion and the safe zone, the manager Neil Warnock and his players are aware that this might be their last chance to secure survival.

These are our free soccer bets for the Premier League game between Brighton & Hove Albion and Cardiff City on Tuesday night. Both teams need to win this one, being locked in a fight for survival in the league. But both teams lost their last three matches as well, so clearly they are not in their best shape.