Can Liverpool do some kind of a miracle against Barcelona

Can Liverpool do some kind of a miracle against Barcelona? Or everything is already decided in favour of the Catalan giants? We are going to discuss this in our free soccer bets before the Champions League 1/2-finals second leg between these two sides on Tuesday night.

The situation at this moment does not look very promising for Liverpool. The English side lost the first leg at the Camp Nou with 0-3, which puts Barca in a position to touch the final already. In order to progress, the English side is going to need a perfect performance, most probably without conceding any goals. And this is going to be difficult.

The home side is struck by injury woes at the moment. Mohamed Salah, Roberto Firmino and Naby Keita are all missing the game because of injuries. This really weakens the Reds and puts Barcelona in an even more favourable position. In addition to this, there’s a really big fatigue in Liverpool’s team right now, because of still being in the title race in the Premier League.

Barca on the other hand already won the title in La Liga, which gave them the opportunity to rest their starting players against Celta during the weekend. Now the manager Ernesto Valverde will have the chance to use his main players rested and more fresh, which is a luxury nowdays.

Liverpool must use execute a perfect tactical gameplan in order to stand a chance to progress. How we said, they need at least three goals in order to send the game in extra time, but only if they don’t concede. And it’s always difficult to keep a clean sheet against Barcelona and all of these fantastic players.

These are our free soccer bets for the Champions League 1/2-final between Liverpool and Barcelona on Tuesday night. We wish you good luck!